Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cut Your Holiday Costs - Without Cutting On Fun Factor

Holidays are fun but before planning for one you need to definitely think about your budget. But if planned properly, you can save money when you travel. Here are some solid ideas to cut down your holiday cost:
1. Plan you holiday during the off peak seasons. No matter where you want to go for a holiday, during the peak season everything will be costlier. Airfares, hotel rates and even holiday packages will be the maximum during the peak seasons.

2. Don’t try to travel during holidays and weekends. During midweek, the rates of flight tickets, hotels and holiday packages will be less as compared to during the weekends.

3. No matter whether you are traveling within your country or overseas, never place a phone call from your hotel room. The charges for these types of calls are generally very high.

4. Always have an idea about the exchange rates wherever you travel out of your own country. A travel guide of the destination can help you to gain information on this point.

5. Avoid eating at good restaurants as the bill can be too high. Research properly before eating too instead of regretting later.

6. While sightseeing, take advantage of free or reduced-priced attractions. There are museums and attractions where free entries are possible. Research thoroughly your destination before you leave home

7. Instead of booking cars, use public transportation during sightseeing. This will save a lot of money.

These small but useful tips will surely help you save a lot during your holidays. The money saved can be used for another holiday.


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