Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Explore Various Facets of Kolkata Tourism

Victoria  Memorial
Kolkata tourism is a booming industry as this “City of Joy” is home to many cultural heritage and state-of-the-art facilities. A first look of Kolkata is like any other metro cities of India, busy, never-sleeping, and a fast lifestyle. But just look around deeply and you will be amazed to find the manifold features of the cultural capital of India.

Kolkata has an old charm that makes the city beautiful and unique too. All around the city you can find memories of the past in the numerous monuments, mansions and buildings that reflect the characteristic of British architecture.  Even though the Colonial Raj aroma is still present here, the city has a strong traditional charm with local theatres, music and dance shows, that speak of the rich heritage.

Kolkata has a plethora of attraction encompassing museums, galleries, heritage buildings, amusement parks, temples and churches. During your Kolkata travel , the itinerary must include some of the following attractions like:  Victoria Memorial, Nehru Museum, Zoological Garden, National Gallery of Modern Art, Indian Coffee House, Dakshineswar Temple, Kalighat Temple, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Botanical garden. Well the list of Kolkata attractions does not end here and the city has got lot to offer to its tourists.

Remember, for complete Kolkata travel you need to have ample of time. Never travel here in hurry as you will not be able to enjoy the city. All the attractions need to be explored fully to get the feel of the city. No matter, whether it is a small market in the city or the famous Victoria Memorial.

So, plan your trip carefully and have plenty of time in your hand to visit this “City of Joy” or the “Cultural Capital of India”.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Some Important Tips For Traveling Overseas

Traveling abroad for a vacation can be a lifetime experience. But if you have not done your homework properly thing can turn out very different. Remember that traveling abroad means you will be experiencing a totally different culture, custom and a place where the rules and regulations are not the same as in your country. There are many travel information online that can help in doing your research.

Here are some traveling abroad tips for you to consider:
  • Read world travel tips to get acquainted with the nation’s local laws, culture and customs as you are subjective to its laws during your stay there.  You can get the detailed information from your travel agent or some online world travel guide.
  • Also try to learn about the type of paperwork and documentation you need to carry while traveling abroad. Apart from your passport and visa there might be some other papers too that you might need to carry.
  • Cross check to find out your visa is appropriate for the place you are planning to travel.
  • Always carry the addresses and contact numbers of the embassies of foreign governments. This will help in case of emergencies, as you never know what’s store for you during your stay in a foreign nation.
  • It is also important to find out whether your medical insurance covers you overseas. In case the answer is negative, consider some alternative information.
  • It will be quite helpful for you if you can learn some of the key phrases like how to greet a person, how to ask for a direction or the way to the restroom and so on. This will help you in enjoying your trip and don’t have to depend on someone every time.
  • Traveling abroad with your ATM or Credit card might not be helpful for you in every country. Hence, it is important to carry cash with you and that too in the currency used there.  Use a bank or a business that specializes in currency exchange.

To conclude, follow these important world travel tips while traveling abroad. These guidelines will help in enjoying your overseas vacation.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why to Use an Online Travel Guide?

World Travel Guide

In this fast pace world, people try to take a break from day to day schedule by planning a trip to some new destinations. Traveling helps to re-energize the body, brings immense opportunities to learn about new places, a way to discover different cultures and traditions that offers fresh perspectives and experiences. Today, traveling has become easy and fast too, thanks to the online travelling guides and agencies. 

Due to busy and hectic schedules, people take help of an online travel guide to keep themselves away from the stress associated with the process of planning a vacation. Online travel guides help in saving money on flight, hotel rooms, cruises, and more. When you choose to plan your trip via an online agent you get to work with world’s best agencies without any boundaries. In short, you are not restricted to travel companies operating within your neighborhood. But over the Internet, you can access to unlimited travel agencies that means you can choose the best travel companies no matter where it is located. 

Online Travel Guide
Another great part of working with an online travel agency is that you can look for your vacation package 24 X 7. This is especially handy for those who are busy during the day and can afford to spare some time during odd hours. You can freely browse the Internet and choose your vacation package without any outside influences. 

If you want to be benefitted from an online world travel guide, be sure to deal with some genuine company. Due to the popularity of online travel guides, there are some scammers posing as online travel agencies. Dealing with a wrong company can spoil your vacation plan. Always read the fine print of any website before making any purchase. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Key Tips To Pack Light And Travel Right

Denker Hintergrund Nationalkongress
A trip to your desired destination can be an experience of a life time. But while traveling you need to make sure that you are carrying only necessary things and you have packed your luggage in the right manner. If you are not sure as from where you need to start your packing, check out some online travel information sites to find out the rules of packing.

Here is a list of some packing tips for you to consider:

  • Packing half of your wardrobe is definitely a big “NO” while travelling. Try to pack only the bare essentials of clothing items.  Pack clothes that can be worn twice or thrice without a wash or clothes that can be matched with other stuffs. Also it is a better idea to pack wrinkle free clothing items. While packing garments keep two things in mind that it should be practical and versatile. Check out world travel tips to find out what types of clothes you need to carry to the destination you are planning to travel.

Skiing In Malaysia
  •  Necessary toiletries come next. To save space, purchase travel size items, like instead of carrying the huge bottle of shampoo purchase some sachets of your favorite brand. As an important tip, it is a better idea to pack your lotions and liquids in an airtight pouch or bag. This was you don’t have to search for small items.

  • Next important thing that you need to pack is the medicines. Make a list of the medicines that you might need during your travel period. Also carry a small first aid kit as you never know what’s in store for you. If you have certain health problems, it is advisable to carry your important prescription along with your doctor’s contact information.  Check out world travel tips to find out what health precautions you need to take care of and pack accordingly.

  •  If you are brining your own camera, make sure that you have packed your camera case, batteries, charger, film etc. Packing an extra pair of batteries or a film is advisable as you don’t have to depend on buying the same in case you need it.

Bull at Bullring 
  •   It is also a good idea to pack a few granola bars, some small biscuit packets or your favorite chips as it can save you a lot of heartache or stomachaches. While traveling you might not be sure as when you can have a decent meal and having a bite of your own food can save you a lot.

 To summarize, follow these world travel tips to travel light and enjoy your vacation to the most. Always remember that while traveling we always buy gifts to bring back home. So keep some space in your luggage to carry the gifts back home safely. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Incredible India – A Paradise for Travel Lovers

Tourists travel to India from all over the world year around as India is rich in every sense. Be it the Indian culture, rich heritage, even religious diversity, unparalleled architectural works, breathtaking landscapes, unique customs or the hospitality of the people, India is versatile in many ways that attract tourist like a magnet Here you can find a perpetual mix of modern and traditions that gives a unique USP to the nation. Tourists can visit places in India and every time they will get to experience something new. This is one solid reason why people come again and again to India for vacations.
India Gate

Interestingly, for novice travelers there is no need to look for specific reasons to travel to any parts of India. No matter what your preference might be regarding a place, India has got everything to satisfy the needs of different types of travelers. There are end numbers of travel destinations in India and some of the famous attractions are Taj Mahal, Charminar, India Gate, Red Fort, Khajuraho temples, Amber Palace, Birla Temple and Jal Mahal to name a few.  Just be sure to have enough time to visit places in India so that you get to grasp the beauty of the place.

Hotel Taj 
India is one such country where everything is available for tourists, like adventure tourism, wildlife tour experience, long sandy beaches, spiritual trips, natural scenic beauty, a wide variety of arts and crafts, folk arts, tribal and traditional arts, handlooms and so on. Well, these are enough reasons for you to look for information on India so that you can plan your trip soon.

With genuine travel guides, you get to find information on India that can help you to explore India distinctively. The moment you ‘choose’ India for travel you get set to experience something that will be close to your heart for years to come. Remember India is calling and hence you need to plan soon.